Split a straw is slit part way in middle (dwg. 1) before starting,  run cord through straw keeping slit side away from audience. When bending, hold one end tightly, while discreetly pulling down on other end. This moves cord away from the cut and magically sets up the illusion (dwg. 2). Cut above where cord goes through. After practice you can have member of audience “cut” the  cord.












Insert a rubber-band through ring, grasp one end at end and the other fairly close to ring.  Stretch it tightly for about 2 to 3 inches,  hiding excess of rubber-band in lower hand. Without moving hands slowly let lower fingers slowly release tension on rubber-band and ring, it will appear to defy gravity.

Before I start I ask if they knew the name of the man that is supposed to have discovered gravity “Fig Newton”! Of course the children always correct me, but it is a great lead in to this trick!.











Rounded Rectangular Callout: No I am not going to give away any real magic, so relax. Just a couple simple tricks Trick: